About - Artist's Statement
First, an admission: I consider myself to be a craftsman foremost, and an artist only
second (or third, or maybe very little at all, if truth be told).

I employ a palette of techniques related to fused (a.k.a. "warm", "kiln-formed") glass,
and I am committed to executing them effectively and with great co-ordination. These
techniques include: the construction of pattern bars, the application of precious metal
foils, inks and enamels, inclusions, the manipulation of molten glass through
combing, use of dichroic and iridescent coated glasses, abrasive etching and
carving, etc., etc.

To a craftsman, the process is paramount and in creating a fused glass piece, many
processes are used. Each can be conducted poorly, adequately, or well. I enjoy all
the processes (particularly cold working) start to finish, and go to great lengths to do
them better than the next "guy". I believe the effort shows; I welcome comparisons. I
tend to favor projects which highlight the attention to detail I invest in these pieces.

And when I design them, I try to make them attractive and interesting.

Another admission: unlike some others, I don't have a vision of the world or an
emotion which I try to express through my glass works. And while I have been well
trained and modestly accomplished in some areas, they're entirely unrelated to glass.
I am largely self-taught but have a drive to expand and refine my repertoire. I'm a guy
with a wife, two kids and a dog who is fortunate enough to live comfortably and to not
suffer the degree or range of angst which seems a characteristic of many of the
greats. My work isn't intended to say anything.

Instead, I have a personal artistic sense/style which some find attractive, and to which I
cater when I chose my colors/patterns/materials etc. Sometimes, I listen to my wife.
The motifs I occasionally employ in a series, e.g. Native America pictograms, Asian
characters, etc. are chosen because they please my eye and convey, to me, a sense
of subtle spirituality.

I hope my work pleases your eye as well (spiritually, you're on your own).