About - Rorschach Tiles
Hermann Rorschach (1884 - 1992) was a Zurich-born psychologist whiose
eponymous test has become one of the best recognized and most highly
regarded psycho-diagnostic tools currently in use. In short, the test comprises
10 cards, each illustrating a different, lightly colored inkblot, one key of which is
left/right-facing symetry. The test's subject is instructed to look closely at
these cards/images and describe what they "see", the answers to which are
supposed to be indicative of one's personality.

Rorschach Tiles are fused glass elements constructed through a multi-stage
process which includes heating, blending, cooling, cutting and reconstructing
shards of colored COE-compatible glass. These tiles tend to be far more
colorful and highly figured than the printed inkblots after which they are named,
but they are similarly characterized by very irregular yet pleasingly symetrical
left/right-facing patterns, similar to a pair of butterfly wings (what does that say
about me?). Additionally, the pieces tend to also display the graceful curves and
subtle color blends of a traditional pot melt and the exquisitely detailed,
finely-feathered lines associated with combing. Because the striking color
combinations and rich detail often elicits close and imaginative inspection,

Rorschach Tiles
are typically used as the center- or focal-point(s) of a larger
piece of fused glass art.